Demonstration Piece Available by Raffle!

Poppy Parade, Oil, 48 x 36, SOLD

Monet’s Garden, Oil, 40 x 30, RSH63

Top Shelf Selection, Oil, 16 x 12, RSH-72

Late Afternoon Garden, Oil, 24 x 30, RSH73

Water Lilies With Coy, Oil SOLD

Monet’s Garden, Oil, 24 x 36, RSH74

A View From the Top, Oil, 8 x 6, RSH69

A Passing Shower, Oil, 9 x 12, SOLD

Sunflowers, Oil, 5 x 7, SOLD

Latin Quarter – Paris France, 30 x 40, RSH64

Sunset Lake James, Oil, 40 x 30, SOLD

Sunset in Sonoma CA, Oil, 8 x 6, RSH66

In the Shadow of the Sarbonne-Plein Air, Oil, 12 x 9, RSH67

Home for the Holidays – Oil, 9 x 12, RSH56

Chianti Rufina – Oil, 12 x 16, Oil, 12 x 16

Copper Kettle with Onions – Oil, 16 x 12, RSH53

Lavender – Oil, 9 x 12, RSH54

Blue Shutters In France, Oil, W30 x H24, #RSH05

Paris Flower Market, Oil. W30 x H24, #RSH09

Springtime In Indiana, Oil, W20 x H16, #RSH04

Sunny Day #4, Oil, W6 x H6, #RSH12

Roses Are Red, Oil, W20 x H16, #RSH07 SOLD

Double Or Nothing #5, Oil, W6 x H6, #RSH13

Lake Michigan, Oil, W40 x H30, #RSH01 SOLD

Silver Wind 2, Oil, W12 x H16, #RSH03