Fort Wayne View - Oil, 8 x 8, DS163

Snowy Chorus - Pastel, 12 x 12, DS164

Pink On Pink - Oil, 14 x 11, DS165

Violet In Vaugines - Oil, 24 X 18, DS159

Betsy's Barn - Pastel, 12 X 24, DS160

Vue En Provence - Pastel, 24 X 12, DS161

Evening Graces, Pastel, 22 X 13, DS158

Ironweed – 10 X 18, Pastel, DS-150

Quiet Night - Pastel, 20 X 16, DS162

Waiting For Summer – Pastel, 24 x 20, DS146

June Rose – Oil, 11 x 17, DS147

Winter Poetry – Pastel, 11 x 14, DS148

Paint Me a Rose – 6 x 6, Oil, DS-149

Moonlight Minstrel – Pastel – 24 x 15

Flaxen Shower – Pastel – 18 x 27

To the Tree Tops – Oil -24 x 12 SOLD

Hidden Creek – Oil, W 24 x H 12, #DS114 SOLD

Cold with a Chance of Cold – Pastel, W 22" x H 22", #DS89, SOLD

All Quiet – Pastel, W 22" x H 13", #DS-07

Twilight in the Hood – Oil, W 20" x H 16", #DS-87, SOLD

The Black Barn in the Valley – Oil, W 24" x H 10", #DS-49

After Hours View – Pastel, W 18" x H 18", #DS-08, SOLD

Harvest Time – Pastel, W 14" x H 18", #DS-46

Chocolate Trio – 4 X 6, Oil, DS-151

Orchard Day Tuesday – Oil, W 14" x H 11", #DS-47, SOLD

Spirit of the Autumn Road – Pastel, W 10" x H 20", #DS-48, SOLD

Softly in the Night – Oil, W 11" x H 14", #DS-88, SOLD

Twilight Barn III – Oil, W 18" x H 14", #DS-86, SOLD

Donna Shortt

Donna Shortt is a life-long Indiana resident and skilled in the use of oils and pastels. She enjoys painting landscapes from life with other painters. She also enjoys painting from light-filled still life sets in her studio and with another group that meets weekly.
Recent accomplishments:

She was honored to be part of a pastel exhibit at the Richmond Indiana Art Museum in 2008. Two purchase awards and a merit award in Richmond, Indiana topped off 2013 and several of her plein air paintings were included in the 2013 book “Painting Indiana III: Dignity of Place”. In 2014 one of her pastels received an “Outstanding Pastel” award from the Hoosier Salon Annual Exhibit. She has pastel paintings in the permanent collection of the Indiana State Museum and the Richmond Art Museum.

She is a member of the Hoosier Salon, Indiana Artists Club, Brown County Art Guild, Chicago Pastel Painters, Pastel Society of America, Oil Painters of America, Southside Art League, Indiana Artisan and Indiana Plein Air Painters.