Gifts of the Garden -Oil, 14 x 11, PN175

June Joy - Oil, 12 x 9, PN176

Poinsettias - Oil, 11 x 14, PN171

Pomegranate and Onion Bottle - Oil, 14 x 18, PN172

Winter Afternoon - Oil, 10 x 20, PN173

Winter's Rest - Oil, 9 x 12, PN174

French Blend - Oil, 9 x 12, PN169

Cobalt and Cream - Oil, 20 x 16, PN167

Silver and Pairs - Oil, 16 x 20, PN164

The Kananaskis - Oil, 20 x 16, PN166

Pansies and Flow Blue - Oil 30 x 24, PN162

Première Lumière - Oil, 16 x 20, PN158

The New Bridge - Oil, 9x12, PN159

Vallie de Roussillon - Oil, 8 x 10, SOLD

Autumn - Oil, 8 x 16 SOLD

White Roses with Cobalt - Oil, 12 x 12 PN152

Satin Flowers - Oil, 8 x 10 PN151

Power and Majesty – Oil, 24 x 30


LAST RAYS – OIL, 9 X 12, PN148

Bouquet In Silver – Oil, 20 x 16

Pomegranate and Onion Bottle – Oil – 14 x 18

Roses Roses en Cobalt-Oil, W 16" x H 12", #PN-60

White Poinsettia – Oil – 14x11 SOLD

Juliet Roses, Oil, 20x24, PN-90

To Infinity and Beyond – Oil, 6x6 SOLD

Silver and Pears – Oil – 16 x 20

Soft Morning, Murphy Park, Oil on Canvas, W20" x H 16", PN22

Abundance II, Oil, 12x12, PN-88

Fragrant Bouquet, Oil, 24x20 ,PN-92

Shine Like the Stars – Oil – 6x6 SOLD

Daffodils & Lemons, Oil 12x16 ,PN-87

Red Tulips and Delft Oil, 16x20, PN-91

Les Roses Blanches- Oil- W 20 x H 16, #PN74 SOLD

Lean On Me – Oil – 6x6 SOLD

Abundance I, Oil, 12x12, PN-89

Arbor Rose – Oil, W 9" x H 12", #PN59

Winter on Fall Creek- Oil, W 20" x H 16", #PN56, SOLD

Still Life With Pomegranate – Oil, W 20" x H 16", #PN57

You Are My Sunshine- Oil- W 11" x H 14"- #PN49

Poinsettia- Oil, W 11" x H 14", #PN55, SOLD

Delft and Tulips, Oil on Linen, W 11" x H 14", PN34, SOLD

Violet Symphony-

Reflecting on a Pond, Oil on Linen, W 14" x H 11", PN31

Three Apples, Oil on Linen, W 14" x H 11", PN20

Zinnias!, Oil on Linen, W 11" x H 8", PN29, SOLD

Mandarin and Tea, Oil on Linen Panel, W 12" x H 9", PN08

Blue Green Vase with Fruit, Oil on Linen, W 14" x H 11", PN24

Clematis- Oil-W 8" x H 10"- #PN37

Tangled- Oil- W 14" x H 11"- #PN36 SOLD

Raku with Satsuma- Oil- W 14" x H 11"- #PN48, SOLD

Red Radishes- Oil- W 14" x H 11"- #PN50

The Watergarden- Oil- W 14" x H 11"- #PN51, SOLD

Plums- Oil- W 16" x H 12"- #PN52 SOLD

Juliet and Patience – Oil, 8x10, #PN104

Paired Roses – Oil, 8x10, #PN105

Two Roses – Oil, 8x10, #PN106

Pamela C. Newell

The versatility of working in both pastel and oil allows me to express myself in singular ways enriching my work, and adding to my growth as an artist. Plein air painting has become a passion; except on the days when the weather is really bad. On those days I can be found painting from a still life in the studio, or creating a larger painting from a plein air study.

Oil allows me to quickly capture the fleeting light and spirit of the subject outdoors. I find the textural quality of oil exciting and I like to build up an “impasto” in the lighter areas. I especially enjoy the unexpected effects that can be achieved with a palette knife.

Most of my pastels begin with a transparent water-media under-painting, in a complementary color that sparkles through and contrasts with the opaque strokes of pastel. I apply pastel with broad strokes as if I were using a brush. The pure colors and refractive qualities shimmer on the surface of the sanded paper I use. By layering, blending, and placing colors side by side, the pastel painting shimmers with iridescent luminous color.

I strive to capture a mood or a moment in time by describing only the essence of a subject leaving out unnecessary details, inviting the viewer to interpret the art through their own experience.