Williams Creek - Oil, 36 x 36, CW166

Sanibel Sunset #4 - Oil, 16 x 16, CW168 SOLD

Brass Vase With Flowers - Oil, 20 x 16, CW167

Four Children Sledding - Oil, 36 x 36, CW165

Roses and Hydrangeas - Oil, 21 x 14, CW164 SOLD

Flow Blue Jardiniere With Vegetables - Oil, 16 x 16, CW163

Still Life With Peaches & Plums - Oil, 16 x 16, CW162

Winter, Williams Creek At The White River - Oil, 36 x 36 SOLD

Children At The Beach #3, Oil SOLD

Children At The Beach #5, Oil, 8x8 SOLD

Children At The Beach #3, Oil, 12x12 SOLD

Children At The Beach #7, Oil, 8x8 SOLD

Washington Square Park Neighborhood, NYC - Oil, 12 x 12 SOLD

Monet’s Garden – Oil, 30 x 24, #CW148

Dory Off The Mary Day, Camden Harbor, oil on linen 30 x 24, SOLD

Hudson Steamer – Oil, 12 x 12, #CW146

Brass Dutch Pot With Three Pears – Oil, 12 x 9, CW142

Broadway Boogie – Oil, 12 x 9, SOLD

The Mary Day At Dock, Camden – Oil, 36 x 36, #CW-138

Brass Pots With Fruit – Oil, 16 x 20, CW141

Flow Blue Pitcher – Oil, 12 x 9, SOLD

Roses – Oil, 30 x 40, SOLD

Sanibel Sunset #1 – Oil, 12 x 12, SOLD

Silver Teapot With Fruit – Oil, SOLD

Roses – Oil, 40 x 30, SOLD

Antique Jug & Bowl With Fruit – Oil, 12 x 12, SOLD

Point Lobos, Oil, 36 x 36 SOLD

The Mary Day – Oil, 9 x 12, SOLD

The Mary Day With Dinghy and the Lewis R. French – Oil, 12 x 9, SOLD

Point Lobos – Oil, 30 x 40, SOLD

Open Seas – Oil, 9 x 12, SOLD

Clouds Over Lake Wawasee, Oil, W 12 x H 9, SOLD

The Voyage – Oil, 20 x 16, SOLD

Sailing Into Gloucester – Oil, 9 x 12, CW128

Roses In Brass Vase, Oil, W 16 x H 20, #CW124

Lobster, Copper Pot, and Fruit, Oil, W 16 x H 20, #CW-122

Lover’s Point, Grove CA. – Oil, W 20 x H 16, #CW120 SOLD

Red Roses, Oil, W 16 x H 20, #CW-121 SOLD

Emily With Black Hat & Veiled Face- Oil, H 12 x W 9, CW123

Playing Dress Up, Oil, W 12 x H 9, SOLD

Richard, Oil, W 12 x H 9, SOLD

Red Haired Girl in Black, Oil, W 12 x H 9, #CW-116

The Floral Bouquet #1, Oil, W 16" x H 20", #CW102 SOLD

The Studio, Oil, W 20" x H 16", #CW114 SOLD

Emily With Red Hat and Veil, Oil, W 9" x H 12",#CW115 SOLD

Three Girls At The Beach – Oil On Linen, W 9" x H 6", #CW108 SOLD

Playing In The Surf – Oil On Linen, W 20" x H 16", #CW111

The Philosopher – Oil, W 30" x H 40", SOLD

The Schooner Surprise, Camden – Oil on Linen, W 9" x H 12", SOLD

Two Children With Pond Boat (Katherine and Peter With Sailboat) – Oil On Linen, W 20" x H 16",SOLD

Point Lobos, California Coast- Oil- W 40" x H 30"- SOLD

Brass Teakettle with Apple Slices- Oil- W 20" x H 16"- SOLD

Three Girls with Little Red Boat – Oil on Linen, W 20" x H 16", CW96, SOLD

High Falls, Adirondack Mountains– Oil on Linen, W 24" x H 36", SOLD

Pont Des Arts – Oil on Linen, W 30" x H 24", SOLD

Williams Creek, Morningside Drive – Oil on Linen, W 12" x H 9", SOLD

Camden Harbor, Foggy Morning– Oil on Linen, W 36" x H 24" SOLD

The Red Airplane, Oil, W 20" x 16", CW79, SOLD

Boatyard Cat - Oil on Linen, W 12" x H 9", CW40, SOLD

Anne Holding Child, Oil on Linen, W 8" x H 12", CW69, SOLD

The Green Flash, Oil on Linen, W 24 x H 16", CW67, SOLD

Bringing in the Harvest – Oil on Linen, W 36" x H 24", CW70, SOLD

Ballerina, "Reflections", Oil on Linen, W 16" x H 20", CW11, SOLD

Last Light, Oil on Linen, W 20" x H 16", CW45, SOLD

Sunset Sail – Oil on Linen, W 36" x H 24", CW73, SOLD

Antique Copper French Sprinkler, Flow Blue Jardiniere & Apples – Oil on Linen, W 36" x H 36", CW49, SOLD

Captain Cook's Ship: The Endeavour - Oil on Linen, W 20" x H 16", CW74, SOLD

C. W. Mundy

“I constantly search for the academics, emotion, expression, and at-the-moment character of a scene. Every painting should have a fine balance of these components. Toward that end, each piece develops its own unique personality." – C.W. Mundy

Charles Warren Mundy ranks among the most important American impressionists painting today. No matter the subject matter, be it a battle-scarred working fishing boat in Gloucester Harbor, a petite ballerina executing a graceful pas des deux, a delicate pink vase in a structured still life, or a moody English landscape, Mundy’s aggressive, often soft-edged painterly style is very much his own.

Born in Indianapolis, Mundy received his undergraduate degree in art from Ball State University and his Masters of Fine Art at Long Beach State in Los Angeles.

Over the years he has received numerous awards from his participation in both regional and national juried exhibits, including the prestigious Hoosier Salon. He was awarded the honor of Signature Membership in Oil Painters of America in 1993. Most recently, his plein air landscapes done in France, Italy, Spain, New England and most recently, Martha’s Vineyard, have received critical acclaim.

Mundy’s work is displayed in the Indiana State Museum, Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, The University of Louisville Hall of Fame, Indianapolis 500, as well as many private and corporate collections.

In 1994, Mundy left his successful career as an illustrator of sports figures and events to the more personally satisfying and challenging demands of painting en plein-air. Mundy immersed himself in the historic homeland of the Impressionists in his first painting trip to France in 1995. He captured the variable atmospherics of the traditional Impressionist haunts in an overcast morning, Pont Aven, Drizzling October Morning; the saturated sunset hues of Cote D’Azur, Port De Cannes, and the muted fog tones of Paris, Pont Neuf. These French works were the core of his first exhibition introducing his new style to the public and they were an unqualified success.

By 1997 Mundy’s work was nationally recognized. He was awarded Best of Show in the Hoosier Salon and would be so honored in the 1998 and 2000 Salon. Art journals were taking critical notice of his work and he was the subject of major articles in Southwest Art and International Artist. His travels by 2000 included destinations in France, Italy, England, Spain, Eastern Europe and New England. Exhibitions of works from these travels continued to be very popular and more often than not were sell-outs.

Mundy’s distinctive style of applying the paint to canvas continued to develop. His broader application of paint can be seen in the thick impasto and bravura brush strokes of Jeffersonville, Farm at Sterling Ridge and Steyr, View from the Café. Perhaps the hallmark of Mundy’s style is the use of the palette knife that scumbles and livens the surface with slashes and sweeps creating a distinctive textured veil over the image.

American, Impressionist, Artist