Busanna Vecchia – Oil, 22 x 36, SOLD

Cannes Harbour – Oil, 22 x 26, #TJ19

Lakeside Garden – Oil, 32 x 32, SOLD

Beauty & The Beast - Oil, W 18" x H 22", #TJ07

Seborga, Italy - Oil, W 26" x H 16", #TJ16

La Turbie - oil, W 24" x H 20", #TJ10

2nd Exit After France - Oil, #TJ06, SOLD

Mackerel with Three Olives – Oil, W 28" x H 12", #TJ11, SOLD

Tim Johnson

Timothy Brice Johnson
Born: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA 7/14/55;
I like to paint or sculpt whatever I feel on any given day and to have many works in progress to give myself that liberty. Influences run from Paleolithic to recent. The great Renaissance masters such as Bellini and Giorgione are mesmerizing. The richness of Titian is no less enticing than the painterliness of De Kooning. Above all I am touched by the aesthetic, the beauty of things man-made or in nature.
While Tim has lived in France and then Italy perfecting his artwork, he is an Indiana favorite. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Johnson returns often from his European residence to visit his local family and studio. His studies include:

B.F.A. Indiana University, Bloomington IN.
Fort Wayne Art Institute
St. Francis College, Fort Wayne.
M.F.A. Bowling Green State University, invited on Faculty upon Graduation
Lived and worked in France 1991-2006; lives and works in Italy 2006 – Present
Exhibited in Chicago; New York, NY; Paris; Cannes; Monaco etc…