La Placette – Oil, 16 x 20, FF80

Bikes in the Canal – Oil, 12 x 9, #FF75

Sunflowers – Oil, 24 x 18, #FF77

Red Beauty – Oil, 9 x 12, SOLD

Villefranche Harbour Sunset, Oil, 36 x 48 – FF69

Gladiolas, Oil, 40 x 30 – FF70

Rose and Hydrangeas, Oil, 30 x 24 – FF71

Country Road, Oil, 12 x 16 – FF72

Reeds, Oil, 8 x 6 – FF73

Nightlife in Nice – Oil on Linen, W 24" x H 24", #FF31, SOLD

Indiana Wildflowers, Oil, 30 x 24, FF-68

A Perfect Sunset– Oil, W 24" x H 36", #FF45 SOLD

Ville France Sur Mer, Oil, 30 x 40

Rose Bouquet, Oil, 24 x 24, FF-67

Sunset Over Indiana Fields, Oil 30 x 24, FF-65

Take Five – Oil on Linen, W 36" x H 24", #FF30

Rusted & Busted – Oil, W 12 x H 9, #FF61

Country Carriage Ride, Oil – W 48 x H 36

Fields of Gold, Oil – W 48 x H 36

Sentimental Journey- Oil, W24" x H12", #FF-63

Redbud on the Canal – Oil, W 23" x H 18", #FF48

Night on the Town (Nice, France) – Oil, W 30" x H 24", #FF42

Garden Stroll – Oil, W 18" x H 24", #FF43

Hostas & Hydrangeas – Oil, W 18" x H 24", #FF44 SOLD

Monet’s Garden – Oil, W 10" x H 8", #FF41

Raise the Yellow Flag – Oil on Linen, W 24" x H 36", #FF38, SOLD

Forrest Formsma

Forrest has been passionate about creating art his entire life and always knew he eventually would pursue this dream as his career. After completing his BFA and MA at Miami University of Ohio, he taught all genres of art at the high school level.
Now dedicated as a full-time artist, Forrest’s style ranges from varying degrees of realism to abstraction. Relying on intuition and emotion, he uses rich color and texture to capture energy in his oil paintings.

Most recently, Forrest was honored to receive the prestigious 2010 American Impressionist Society’s “Best of Show” of their national juried exhibition. Also, he has been honored to receive the 2009 Indiana Heritage Arts “Award of Excellence” and the 2009 Hoosier Salon “Outstanding Traditional Oil Painting” Award, after winning their “Best Work, First Time Artist” Award in 2008.