Dawn – 20 x 30, Oil, SK50

Warm Winter Evening – 28 x 20, Watercolor, SOLD

The Seduction – W 20" x H 24" – #SK-40

We The People – W 20" x H 22" – SK-39 SOLD

Lilies- Watercolor- W 21" x H 25"- #SK38 SOLD

Wine & Cherries – Watercolor, W 25" x H 19.5", #SK25

Oliver - Watercolor, W 28" x H 22", #SK18, Sold, Giclee Prints Available

Crystal Pears - Watercolor, W 30" x H 22", #SK02, Sold, Giclee Prints Available

Phil And Cathy’s Cider, Watercolor, W 37" x H 27" #SK36, Giclee Prints available

Autumn Afternoon, Watercolor, W 21" x H 16" #SK30, Giclee Prints Available

Scott Kilmer

Challenge determines Scott Kilmer’s choice of medium and style. Watercolor being considered the most difficult medium and Realism the ultimate usage of observation and refined technique. He is passionate about still lifes and portraits. In portraits, Kilmer not only strives to capture the likeness of his subjects but also the personality. He is also inspired by the ability to convey textures of objects realistically, while at the same time allowing the watercolor medium to be used in it’s traditional sense (letting watercolor be itself).

Scott Kilmer is an award winning artist who shares his talent through teaching.