George With Pipe – Oil, 14 x 22 SOLD

Two Guys In Green Blue – Oil, 34 x 48 SOLD

Landscape (Wagner St.) – Oil, 32 x 26 SOLD

Sue – Oil, 12 x 14 SOLD

Vintage Nude – Oil, 30 x 22, GM07

Easter Bunny Still Life – Oil, 22 x 19, SOLD

Laurin Montana – Oil, 11 x 14, GM14

Forth Street – Oil, 14 x 11, GM87

Vase With Daisies – Oil, 11 x 14, GM88

Landscape River – Oil, 28 x 22

Seascape Driftwood Beach Oregon – Oil, 26 x 20 SOLD

Sardines – Oil, 12 x 10 SOLD

Four Seasons 1959/1969 - Oil, W 84" x H 54", #GM122, Sold

Mr. Bojangles - Oil, Sold

Odalisque 1950 - Oil, W 22" x H 16", #GM37, Sold

Oriental Garden - Oil, W 36" x H 24", #GM106, Sold

Art Lovers - Oil, W 24" x H 36", #GM109, Sold

Windmill - Oil, W 36" x H 48", #GM90

Self Portrait 1956 - Oil, W 16" x H 26", #GM36

Bridge II - Oil, W 18" x H 14", #GM74, Sold

Vintage Cityscape 1950 - Oil, W 18" x H 24", #GM41, Sold

Garden Gazebo - Oil, W 14" x H 11", #GM92

Rose Garden II - Oil, W 24" x H 20", #GM105

Woods - Oil, W 16" x H 20", #GM82, Sold

Female Nude - Oil, W 16" x H 23", #GM21, Sold

Don Kruse - Oil, W 16" x H 20", #GM85, Sold

Nude - Oil, W 32" x H 30", #GM38, Sold

Vintage Card Player, 1949 Homage to Cezanne - Oil, W 18" x H 24", #GM11, Sold

George McCullough

“George McCullough – The Tribute Show” at Castle Gallery from September 29 through October 2011

The tribute represents the complete works of George McCullough who died at 82 in 2005. McCullough’s paintings span from his early studies, to the golden era of the Fort Wayne Art School (where he taught when it was located on West Berry Street) and beyond. At that time, the Castle Gallery building housed the Fort Wayne Municipal Art Museum.

After receiving his BFA and MFA degrees from Iowa State University, McCullough was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study art at the Academia Belle Arti in Florence and the Academie de la Grande Caumiere in Paris. During his Fort Wayne career, McCullough was an artist, art teacher for the Fort Wayne Art Institute and Associate Professor of Art at IPFW, retiring in 1984. McCullough and fellow art professors created a period of unprecedented productivity and joie de vivre which influenced students and the community at large. Their work hearkens back to an era when art took center stage.

George McCullough was born on January 22, 1923 and died October 15, 2005. George’s surviving wife, Sue, and Joel Fremion are currently curators of the collection. All works will be for sale at Castle Gallery for the duration of the show.