Morning Gathering – Watercolor, 27 x 12.5, TA554

Raven – Watercolor, 23 x 17.5, TA555

Ice Rainbow Study – Watercolor/Acrylic, 12 x 12, SOLD

Embassy – Watercolor & Mixed Media – 17 x 13, TA545

Greenway Stream – Watercolor & Mixed Media – 23 x 19, TA546

Robins in Winter – Watercolor – 21 x 13, TA544

Apples In Leaves – Watercolor, W 21 x H 15, TA-543

Sunflowers – Watercolor, W 26 x H 18, TA-542

Grapes- Watercolor, W 8" x H 11", TA-485

Winter’s Stillness – Watercolor, H 25 x W 19, #TA522

Laundry Day- Watercolor, W 26.5" x 10", #TA487 SOLD

Cardinal In Winter – Watercolor, H 19 x W 13, #TA523

Red-Bellied Woodpecker – Watercolor, H 7 x W 10, #TA521 SOLD

Female Cardinal – Watercolor, H 7 x W 10, SOLD

Male Cardinal, Watercolor, H 7 x W 10, #TA524 SOLD

Free Range- Watercolor, W 24" x H 16", TA484

Masaii Girl- Watercolor, W Drybrush Watercolor, W 8" x H 12.75", TA-483

Dark-Eyed Junco – Watercolor, W 16" x H 13", #TA-452, Sold; Framed giclees available

Indiana Winter – Watercolor, W 39" x H 21", #TA-451

Blue Jay – Watercolor, W 11” x H 8”, #TA-412

Female Cardinal – Watercolor, W 10” x H 7”, #TA-413 SOLD

Jack-in-the-Pulpit – Watercolor, W 9.5” x H 15”, #TA-417 SOLD

Banty Eggs – Watercolor, W 26” x H 18”, #TA-419

Rose Breasted Grosbeak – Watercolor, W 16” x H 18”, #TA-420

Terry Armstrong

Terry Armstrong is a Hoosier-born artist. Greatly influenced by visits to his grandparent’s Indiana farm and the natural beauty of the area, he uses the spontaneity of watercolor and the style of realism to capture the true essence of the Midwest. Although many of his paintings focus on the simple life of rural America, his artwork is also representative of the changing seasons and childhood memories.

Having spent most of his childhood in Columbia City, Indiana, Terry earned degrees in both fine art and commercial art from Indiana University/Purdue University. His work has captured many honors, among which, the People’s Choice Award and Best of Show in numerous art exhibits. He has instructed college art courses and also frequently conducts watercolor technique workshops.