Salt Creek Trail, Oil, 16 x 12, SOLD

Sweetwater Creek, Oil, 8 x 10, TR101

Moab Trail, Oil, 8 x 10, TR103

Field of Fall, Oil, 12 x 16, TR98

Morning In Two Rivers, Oil, 24 x 30, TR104

Flower Child, Oil, 16 x 20, SOLD

BC Pottery and Peonies, Oil, 8 x 10, TR102

Garrett Farm Peonies – Oil, W 10" x H 8", #TR60

End of August – Oil, W 12" x H 9", #TR38

TC Steele Home – Oil, W 12" x H 9", #TR57, SOLD

Martin’s Antiques – Oil, W 10" x H 8", #TR59

Hollyhocks 1 (Red) – Oil, W 6" x H 8", #TR62

Ohio River Fields – Oil, W 10" x H 8", #TR51

Hollyhocks 2 (Pink) – Oil, W 6" x H 8", #TR63, SOLD

Aspen Grove – Oil, W 8" x H 10", #TR39

T.C. Steele Cabin – Oil, W 7" x H 5", #TR50

Abby Creek – Oil, W 8" x H 10", #TR35

New Harmony Peony Fields – Oil, W 16" x H 20", #TR52

Septembers Eve – Oil, W 8" x H 10", #TR37

Echo Lake Overlook – Oil, W 9" x H 12", #TR47

Brown County Spring – Oil, W 9" x H 12", #TR40

Thom Robinson

Thom C. Robinson OPA SPS

Thom grew up in Flint, Michigan. He was raised in an artistically inclined family—his mother enjoyed painting, and his father practiced woodworking. Robinson attended the Flint Institute of Art and his talent led to an appointment as an assistant art teacher, while he was still in high school. Following his studies, Thom joined the Navy. While stationed in San Diego, he traveled extensively, painting Southwest desert scenes.

Living in Indiana today he enjoys traveling out west in his jeep several times a year painting in Arizona,Colorado,Wyoming and Montana.

He is currently a signature member of the Oil Painters of America and Small Painting Society and belongs to the Indiana Plein Air Painters, American Impressionist Society. He has received numerous awards with the Hoosier Salon, the Indiana Heritage Association, and the Oil Painters of America national exhibition. He has paintings in the Brown County Art Guild, Brown County Art Gallery Nashville, Indiana, the Hoosier Salon in Indianapolis, Indiana and the Hoosier Salon in New Harmony Indiana.