Distant Yellow – Oil, 30 x 30, MK173

Glow 2 – Pastel, 25 x 25, #MK168

October Light – Patel, 18 x 18, #MK169

Yellow Trees – Oil – 17 x 23, #MK162

Yellow & Blue – Pastel, 25 x 25, #MK167

Off the Beaten Path – Oil, 12 x 12, #MK163

Traditional Red – Pastel, 23 x 17, MK153

Spring Comes Softly, Pastel, 23 x 17, MK-151

Up North – Pastel, 20 x 17, #MK166

Winter Barn- Pastel- W 18" x H 18"- #MK120

Orange and Yellow – Oil, W 30 x H 30 #MK-145

Two Small Barns – Oil, W 30 x H 30, #MK143 SOLD

Distant Barn- Pastel- W 17" x H 23"- #MK113

Clearing Sky- Oil- W 12" x H 12"- #MK130

Cold Morning- Pastel- W 18" x H 18"- #MK119

January Sky- Pastel- W 14" x H 14"- #MK123

Autumn Slope- Pastel- W 22" x H 22"- #MK118

Valentine Barn- Pastel- W 14" x H 14"- #MK122

Autumn Fireworks- Pastel- W 14" x H 14"- #MK105 SOLD

Fox Farm Woods- Pastel- W 20" x H 20"- #MK108 SOLD

Early Fall Near Roanoke- Pastel- W 17" x H 12"- #MK109

Royal Blue Sky- Pastel- W 23" x H 17"- #MK107 SOLD

Autumn Yellows- Pastel- W 14" x H 14"- #MK103- SOLD

Glowing Reds- Pastel- W 14" x H 14"- #MK106, SOLD

Slow Turning – Pastel, W 17.5" x H 11.25", #MK75 SOLD

Passionate Landscape – Pastel, W 14" x H 14", #MK99

Abstract 4 – Pastel, W 14" x H 14", #MK97

Mike Kelly

In contemporary landscape, nature provides the inspiration, but the artistic exploration of color and design relationships should always provide the viewer with a concentrated version of reality.

My goal is always to move beyond merely recording what is seen, to communicate the sensation, the essence of a particular mood or remembered moment in time. Each painting is developed from a range of small color studies that often become a series of the same subject. The process of painting is a balancing act between control and response, sophistication and simplicity.

One of my reoccurring subjects is the barn in the landscape. For me, these aging icons are symbolic of hard work and persistence. On a less sentimental note they give me a geometric motif to explore painterly themes of space, form and color.

Mike Kelly graduated from the Herron School of Art and Design in the 1960's and worked in Chicago as an award winning designer and brand identity firm partner for thirty years. He now paints full time at his studio in Indiana.