King Coal - Gouache, 11 x 14, DR361

Morning Light - Gouache, 9 x 12, DR366

Yellow Coneflowers - Acrylic, 8 x 10, DR365

Flag Day - Acrylic, 10 x 8, DR364

Garden Visit - Gouache, 11 x 14, DR360

Monday Morning - Gouache, 8 x 10, DR363

Paddling - Gouache, 9 x 12, DR362

Salt Creek, Winter - Gouache, 9 x 12, DR355

Only The Barn Remains - Gouache, 9 x 12, DR358

Winter Motoring - Gouache, 8 x 8, DR354

Almost Home - Gouache, 9 x 12, DR359

Long Ride Home - Gouache, 12 x 16, DR357

Woodland Phlox - Gouache, 8 x 8, DR348

Rocky Neck Repairs (Gloucester)- Gouache, 12 x 9, DR349

Yellow Coneflowers - Gouache, 8 x 8, DR347

Schooner Sail - Gouache, 18 x 24, DR351

Peonies - Gouache, 8 x 8, DR346

The Country Church (N. Scott Church, Steuben County) - Gouache - 12 x 16, DR353

Safe and Warm- Pastel, W 23" x H 23", #DR242 SOLD

The Daily Miracle, Pastel, 24 x 24, DR296

Brown County Winter- Pastel, W 14" x H 18" #DR244, SOLD

All is Bright – Gouache, 16 x 20, DR315

Factory Fog, Pastel, 18 x 14, DR281

Last Light – Pastel, W 20" x H 16", #DR194

Castle at Christmas - Gouache, 8 x 8, DR341

November, Pastel, 18 x 13, DR293

Morning Chores - Acrylic, 8 x 10, DR344

Peaceful Season – Gouache, 16 x 20, DR317

Winter Barnyard – Pastel, 22 x 26, DR316

Haul Out the Holly – Gouache, 12 x 16, DR314

Art Barn – Pastel, W 6" x H 12", #DR258

Green Mailbox – Gouache, 12 x 12, DR302

Brown County Spring- Pastel- W 18" x H 14"- #DR222 SOLD

Spring Beauty – Gouache, 12 x 12, DR305

Brown County Winter, Pastel, 14 x 18, DR299

Brown County Snow, Pastel, 14 x 18, DR299

Springfield – Pastel, W 6" x H 12", #DR257

Spring Down in Brown- Pastel, W 18" x H 14", #DR260

Morning Breaks- Pastel, W 14" x H 11", #DR225

Charleston Single House – Pastel, W 9" x H 12", DR258

Morning at Hobb’s Place – Pastel, W 14" x H 11", #DR254

Sailing Through – Pastel, W 14" x H 11", #DR252

OGLE LAKE MORNING- Gouache- W 12" x H 9"- #DR256

Lake Day- Pastel- W 6" x H 8"- #DR209 SOLD

March Morning

Brown County Overlook – Gouache, W 12" x H 9", #DR253

Winter Sunrise- Pastel, W 8" x H 6", #DR247

January Bales- Pastel, W 8" x H 6", #DR246 SOLD

End of Day, July, Pastel, W 14" x H 9", #DR232

Spring Show – Pastel, W 24" x H 18", #DR216

Barn Path- Pastel W 14" x H 18"- #DR238

Summer Sky

September Sky

At the Overlook

O Tanenbaum SOLD

Porch Shadows

Douglas Runyan

A latecomer to art, Douglas took his first painting instruction at the age of 40 in 2004. His interest in art had commenced earlier, though, when he was introduced to the French Impressionists while studying French in high school. While a law student at Indiana University in the 1980's, he discovered the works of T.C. Steele and the other early painters of Brown County. Today, he continues to study and collect the works of the historic Indiana painters and take inspiration from their colorful landscapes, still life and figure works.
Although new to art, Douglas has amassed an impressive resume of show and awards, including Hoosier Salon, (2007, 2009, 2010), purchase award (2007); Indiana Heritage Arts exhibit, (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) and numerous other awards and shows in Indiana and Ohio. He has exhibited at several invitationals, including an exhibit of Plein Air paintings by ten Northeast Indiana painters at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in 2011, and had a one-man show at Lakeland Art Assn. in Pierceton, IN (2009).
Oil and pastel are his preferred media. His representational landscapes, architectural scenes and figure works are original creations painted en plein air or from the photographs taken in his many travels. His favorite scenes are usually from Indiana or New England and in his travels, he and his wife often visit places that were, and continue to be, important centers for American art … among them: Monhegan Island, Maine; Cape Ann, Massachusetts; Old Lyme, Connecticut; Jeffersonville, Vermont and Brown County, Indiana. He spends a lot of time in art museums and reading art books, learning from the examples that he finds there.