White Roses – Oil, W 30 x H 24, #DL184

Snapper With Attitude- Oil, W 20 x H 20, #DL180

Dance- Oil, W 16 x H 12, #DL182

A Little Green Around the Gills- Oil, W 18 x H 24 #DL180

In the Window- Oil, W 24" x H24", #DL172

Sunflowers- Oil- W 18" x H 24"- #DL162

Holiday Bouquet- Oil, W 24" x H 24", #DL168

A Stroll Through the Latin Quarter- Oil- W 24" x H 18"- #DL164

Dance of the Peonies- Oil, W 20" x H 16", #DL167

Cottage in the Clearing- Oil- W 20" x H 16"- #DL166

Dry Dock- Oil, W 36" x H 24", # DL169

Teamwork- Oil- W 20" x H 20"- #DL165

Pink Peonies – Oil, W 24" x H 24", #DL156, SOLD

Fruit with Daffodils– Oil, W 14" x H 14", #DL158

Trio at Honfleur – Oil, W 12" x H 12", #DL131

Notre Dame – Oil, W 6" x H 12", #DL134, SOLD

Diane Lyon

Diane Lyon is an artist whose impressionistic paintings include landscapes, portraits and still life. Working exclusively in oil, Diane brings the richness of the medium to her paintings, filling them with light, color and texture. Having lived in many different parts of the world (including Germany, Italy, Thailand, and Canada, as well as traveling extensively throughout Europe and the United States), Diane often brings subjects found in her travels to her paintings. But no matter what the locale or subject, she finds that there is beauty in all of nature, and that beauty is what she strives to portray. She has received numerous awards at juried exhibitions in Indiana and nationally. Her works are held in corporate and private collections around the world.