City Shadows - oil, 9 x 12, RC132

Symphonique - oil, 14 x 11, RC131

Hot Cookin' - Oil, 10 x 10, RC128

Lexington Ave Shopping - Oil, 16 x 16, RC130

Just a Drizzle - Oil, 16 x 12, RC129

Oyster Bar Evening - Oil, 8 x 8, RC127 SOLD

The Elder – Oil, 18 x 24, #RC113

Working The Line – Oil, 14 x 11, SOLD

Gallery Kitchen (Oyster Bar) – Oil, W 36" x H 24", SOLD

Gelato Counter – Oil, 12 x 18, SOLD

Concert Warm Up – Oil, W 12" x H 12", #RC100

Still No Waiting – Oil, 24 x 24, SOLD

Shoreline – Oil, 20 x 10, #RC116

Below the Pier – Oil, 9 x 12, #RC117

Summer Moonrise – Oil, 12 x 12, #RC115

Surfside Stroll – Oil, 12 x 24,RC110

Seafoam– Oil on Panel, W 8" x H 10", SOLD

Concerto – Oil, W 12" x H 12", #RC101

Wave Runner – Oil on Panel, W 6" x H 6", #RC91

Summer Pleasures – Oil on Panel, W 18" x H 24", #RC87

Dancer Downtime – Oil on Panel, W 16" x H 12", #RC90

Clearing Tables at the Cafe – Oil on Panel, W 24" x H 18", #RC86

No Waiting - Oil, W 16" x H 16", #RC75

At Court – Oil on Canvas, W 20" x H 16", #RC80, SOLD

Art Lovers – Unframed Oil, 1.5" deep cradled panel, W 16" x H 20", RC79

Robin Cheers

Inspired by people and places, Robin Cheers' narrative paintings awaken her viewers to the beauty and wonder that can be found in our contemporary world. Her style is immediate and painterly, with strong brushwork and engaging design. Robin works ''alla prima,'' working on her canvases in one sitting, allowing the natural creative energy to work itself out.
Always artistic, Robin pursued graphic design after college, painting and sketching the figure for the joy of it. But after several years of formal training with Elizabeth Locke in her hometown of Austin, she found that only brush and oils would satisfy her need to create and she dedicated herself full time to her painting. Her work is represented by several galleries in the U.S. and is collected internationally. She’s an artist member of the American Impressionist Society, The Society of Master Impressionists and Plein Air Austin, of which she is a founding member.