Tangerines- Oil- W 14" x H 18" – #KM121

Lemons in Blue Bowl – Oil, W 8" x H 8", #KM109, SOLD

Red Geraniums and Plums - Oil, W 12" x H 16", #KM94

Fiesta Peonies with Cherries, Oil, W 14" x H 18", KM120, SOLD

Hot Peppers - Oil, W 8" x H 8", #KM99

The Turnips, Oil, W 22" x H 28", KM119

Crab apples w/Red & White Vase, Oil, W 12" x H 16", KM110, SOLD

Onions and Mushrooms, Oil, W 12" x H 9", KM112, SOLD

Granny Smith with Crabapples, Oil, W 12" x H 9", KM113, SOLD

Kathleen McMurray

A native of Indianapolis, Kathleen McMurray has had an interest in art all of her life. Largely self taught, her still life work has been influenced by Chardin, Fantin Latour and the later work of Manet. Kathleen paints from life, composing still lifes from fruit, vegetables, and flowers from her garden. Her goal as an artist is to create works of art that will enhance the spaces in which people live. By painting humble and familiar objects and scenes, suffused with light and air, she hopes to create a sense of beauty and tranquility that transcends the subjects themselves.