Creekside Pasture

Rippled Light- Acrylic- W 14" x H 18", #JU-156

Wine Time-Acrylic- W 16" x H 20", #JU-161

Interlude- Acrylic- W 14" x H 18", #JU-156

All is One- Acrylic- W 24" x H 30", #JU-152

Adagio- Acrylic- W18" x H24"- #JU145

River Sculpture- Acrylic-W20" x H30" -#JU150

God’s Messenger- Acrylic- W14" x H11"- #JU140

Sunset Picnic- Acrylic- W14" x H18"- #JU151

Red Hollyhocks- Acrylic- W22" x H24"- #JU141

Dune Woods- Acrylic- W12" x H16"- #JU147

Interlude- Acrylic- W12" x H16"- #JU148

Last Light- Acrylic- W 28" x H 14"- #JU132

Main Street- Acrylic- W 12" x H 9"- #JU133

Sun Spots- Acrylic- W 20" x H 16"- #JU134, SOLD

Water Window- Acrylic- W 20" x H 16"- #JU135

Starburst- Acrylic- W 20" x H 24"- #JU130- SOLD

Abiding – Acrylic, W 20" x H 24", #JU12, SOLD

Log Jam- Acrylic, W 10" x H 8", #JU137

Shadows of Winter- Acrylic, W 12" x H 9", #JU138, SOLD

Winter Quiet- Acrylic, W 12" x H 9", #JU139, SOLD

Jon Uban

My fundamental need to connect with nature prompts me to paint the natural world. Man’s increasing urbanization urges me to create images in which people and nature peacefully coexist. The intent of my currant body of work is to capture man’s introspective place in the natural environment; in spaces where our human footprint sits quietly. No matter the locale, I am often most drawn to the play of light upon these landscapes. My best works have a strong sense of place and atmosphere, as determined by time of day, season and emotional impression.