Amish Landscape Eastern Ohio - Oil, 20 x 20, DL22

Blue Teapot and Nasturtiums - Oil, 12 x 12, DL23

Opal Apple & Bowl - Oil, 8 x 8, DL21

After the Storm, Oil, W 16" x H 12", #DL10

Working Boats- Oil, W 12" x H 9", #DL11 SOLD

Country Morning- Oil, W 14" x H 11", #DL12

Petunias- Oil, W 8" x H 10", #DL09

Nasturtiums & Blue Vase – Oil, W 12" x H 12", #DL07, SOLD

Mountain Road - Oil on linen, W 22" x H 24", #DL01

Hollyhocks - Oil on linen, W 24" x H 30", #DL02

The Poppy Patch - Oil on linen, W 40" x H 30", #DL03, Sold

Afternoon Light - Oil on Linen, W 40" x H 30", #DL04, Sold

Dale Landrum

Dale Landrum was born in 1955 in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in the San Fernando Valley, a few miles north of L.A. The surrounding mountains and hills of southern California were his first natural escapes from suburbia, and those landscapes would later provide many painting subjects for him. In 1977 he moved to the north coast, near Eureka, California, and continued his college education at Humboldt State University in the heart of Redwood Country. As a representational painter, Dale feels it is part of his job to find scenes, or ‘slices’ of life that usually go unnoticed. His approach to creating an artful landscape painting is to take things a step farther than what is already there, in order to effectively convey the inspiration, and poetry of the scene. Many of Dale’s paintings are scenes found in Oregon and California, but he travels around the country often for new material. He has also painted abroad in Russia, France, Italy and Kenya. In 2005, he received an Award of Excellence at the Oil Painters of America Show in Santa Barbara, California. Dale and his family, along with their dogs, reside in south-central Oregon.