Elegance in Monochrome

Domestic Tablescape

Mixed Bouquet SOLD

Begonias in Grandma’s Glass- Oil- W 36" x H 44"- #CF205 SOLD

Compliments- Oil- W 22" x H 21"- #CF204

Oranges, OIl, W 17" x 16", #CF203, SOLD

Lone Manhattan II, Oil, W 20.5" x H 20.5", #CF201, SOLD

Swirl, Oil, W 23" x H 22", #CF200

Forest with Cream, Oil, W 40" x H 26", #CF188

Lone Manhattan I, Oil, W 21.5" x H 21.5", #CF199, SOLD

Blue Black Pansy, Oil, W 12" x H 12", #CF167

Purple Pansies, Oil, W 28" x H 28", #CF170, SOLD

Indian Yellow Pansy, Oil, W 22" x H 22", #CF179, SOLD

Carolyn Fehsenfeld

Carolyn Fehsenfeld earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Western Michigan University. She has exhibited at the Muskegon Museum of Art. Her paintings are included in more than 40 corporate collections and over 200 private collections throughout the United States and abroad. Carolyn’s paintings reveal the unexpected beauty of everyday moments through her traditional approach and expressive style. She works quickly, with confident brushwork, allowing her paintings to communicate an immediacy and excitement for life.