The Nuns - Oil, W 44" x H 36", #CR37-38, Sold

Woman In White – Oil, W 59" x H 48", #CR-PM02, Sold

Bagpipes - Oil on canvas, W 36" x H 48", #CR29-38

Egyptian Prayer - Oil on canvas, W 42" x H 44", #CR26-33, Sold

Receiving - Oil on canvas, W24" x H 20", #CR25-31, Sold

Carol Rabenau

Carol Rabenau was a mid-west artist, born in 1933 and died in 2004. A well collected artist, she showed her work professionally for over 25 years with numerous one-man shows and awards. Carol taught painting and drawing at various art studios in Illinois and Kansas. She has always been interested in painting and drawing the human form and especially the female’s role in life. Her preferred medium was oils, but she also worked with acrylic, pastel, ink and charcoal. Carol said, ''Art has been my closest friend since I was a child. It fills my life with stimulation and many rewarding hours. I can’t imagine life without it.”